I will always be the one who tries to break through the shell,
I am the one who breaks down and laughs,
I shall be the one to step inside
The one who knows what you hide

I break the bounds of modern man
I still the noise within the air
I hear mother earth call to me
I will answer the prayers

Those who see me know my ways
Those who don’t will ever fade
I bring light to those who can’t see
I am surrounded by calm cool waters

In my eyes you will find the truth
The laughter you seek, the ties that bind
In my heart I hold hope and time
For in my arms the universe is mine

Life to me is just a phase
I am the one to control all days
My mind transcends all time and space
You will never know my hidden place

An angel you will never see
For that will ner’ be me
I AM is all you shall know
For there will be no memory of me

Only a ghost that lingers in the mind
Only a fleeting thought to bide the time
I WILL BE is all you’ll know
With happiness, fear and sorrow

Now I go into the dark
I’ll spread my wings away from the light
The stars are forever guiding my flight
I will see you all… within the night

~ L.M.

Shell Breaker

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