New Moon – This phase is a new beginning to the cycle of time and is a great time to begin new projects, break bad habits, or get rid of any beliefs that are holding you back. Basically a cleansing and changing period.

Waxing – As the moon grows fuller so does its spiritual energies, the seeds you planted during the new moon are now in a gestation period and a growing towards your goals.

Full – The moon is full of light and energy at this time. It is a great time to internalize affirmations or perform rituals or any other spiritual activity. Fill yourself with a new energy and glow, start forward positively with your renewed spirits and energy.

Waning – As the moon steps down from full energy and light so should you. Reflect on your goals and achievments. If you have not seen the fruits of your labor yet, don’t worry. Another new moon is right around the corner.